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We take Scarborough stove repair service very seriously. You depend on your gas or electric stove to work correctly and you deserve the best service possible when it does not. Our certified technicians can offer that service because of their unique experience and training qualifications. Call us for same day service for any type of residential stove. At Scarborough Appliance Repair we fix these units quickly, accurately, and at extremely competitive rates.Stove Repair Scarborough

Good Old-Fashioned Stove Service

When we talk about good old-fashioned stove service, we are not saying we use outdated technology. Instead, we are saying that we provide customer service that seems to have faded from existence over the years. We utilize modern technology to fix problems right and in a hurry, but we still offer friendly service with a smile. Like any good business, we want to make money, but we also want to establish long-term friendships with those we serve.

Competent Stove Installation

Our professionals will be more than happy to schedule a convenient time to provide dependable gas stove installation service. Electric stoves are easy to install as long as the right receptacle is there to plug into. However, gas units require more attention to detail. We want to make sure the unit is hooked up properly to ensure there are no problems down the road. You can count on our technician to make sure everything is right before they depart your location.

Speedy Stove Repair Options

We offer speedy same day stove repair options to our residential customers in the Scarborough, Ontario area. To make certain we can fix any problem fast, our service vans are stocked with durable components designed for replacement purposes. Our vehicles are loaded down with burners, switches, oven heating elements, gas igniters and much more.

At Appliance Repair Scarborough, we take the stress out of repair and installation services with your stove. We administer quality service at a low price. Choose us today for same day stove repair in Scarborough.

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