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Microwave RepairWhen the first microwave was developed in 1947 it was for commercial use only. The first countertop microwave for the home was introduced nearly a half century ago in 1967. That early version cost the consumer about $495. That amount back then is equal to $3,500 today. Needless to say not every home had a microwave right away. Today you can find them in most homes. Like all kitchen appliances these units will eventually encounter problems and need microwave repair. Appliances Repair Scarborough is the team to call when problems with these appliances arise.

We Know Microwaves

When it comes to microwave repair in Scarborough you would find it hard pressed to find better technicians than our local team of appliance experts. These appliances may have come a long way over the last 47 years, but they still break down and we know how to fix them fast. Microwaves work by utilizing electromagnetic radiation to heat the food. Although these ovens can cook complete meals many people use them as a reheating device.

These countertop appliances contain more parts than most people think. Our technicians know what parts to check for specific problems. Our troubleshooting team will check the fuse and the door switch to ensure they are still in good shape. Sometimes the fan motor or stirrer belt can go bad. There are also a high voltage diode and capacitor to think about. Even the magnetron can be defective. Regardless of the problem our technicians provide superior microwave service fast.

We Combine Quality with Affordability

Scarborough Appliances Repair has always provided exceptional service on microwaves. Quality is our number one concern. In addition to quality it is important that we provide our services at rates our customers can afford. Our experts repair microwaves right the first time. Give our experts a call today.

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